Fresh Frances, Inc. established in 2007, is a greeting card and paper product company serving bookstores, gift and paper shops, gourmet food stores and cafes with a delightful selection of items. From its humble beginnings at the National Stationery Show in 2007, in a tiny booth with a mere dozen different styles to display, we have steadily grown to become a well-known Louie Award-winning company with multitudes of items to choose from. Our customer base includes coast-to-coast USA as well as shops in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Japan.

We specialize in meeting the needs of our diverse retailers with a potpourri of greeting cards to appeal to their differing clientele, from the more conservative customer seeking a suitable birthday or get well card to trend-driven offerings for the younger buyer. We continue to add new product lines from our popular pocket-sized notebooks to witty magnets that extol the love of reading and books.

Who We Are

Mindy Barancik, is the owner and Creative Director for Fresh Frances. Assisting her are two Columbia College of Chicago students, Demi Schlehofer, and Ryan Tongue. Demi makes Mindy’s visions come to life with her delightful illustrations while Ryan has his nose to the grindstone filling orders and keeping up with the supplies. Franny, the Terrier mix (who incidentally came with the name – kismet!) keeps us laughing throughout the day with her adorable antics and personality. Fresh Frances, Inc. is based in Chicago with all printing of our greeting cards, boxed notes, and gift enclosures done by an area printer. We are environmentally sound with 100% recyclable paper, produced in wind-powered and hydroelectric facilities. Our items are printed with soy and vegetable-oil based inks.